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16mm Movie Film Transfer

Curtis Media Transfer can preserve the special moments on your 16mm silent movie film by converting them to a digital format on DVD, thumb drive, or digital download. We have been transferring 16mm movie film for the past 20 years, so your memories are safe.

16mm Movie Film Transfer

  • Download: Each 16mm film will be a file (MP4). You will receive a link to your download page in your email when the transfer is complete. You can share the link with anyone you like. This is a great way to distribute your family's home movies to other family members.


    Thumb Drive: Each 16mm film will be digitized and placed on your complimentary thumb drive. Thumb drives are a convenient way to store your home movies and are handy for sharing on other devices.


    DVD:  16mm films will be combined for no longer than 2 hours and transferred to DVD. Chapters will be provided for each film.

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