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Keystone 8mm Camera Model K-8

This old 8mm movie camera was made in 1937 in Boston, Massachusetts. We have come a long way in making movies of our families. The phone you might be holding now can make better movies, and you don't even have to buy film. With cameras like the K-8, you had to buy film; then, after you filmed the whole 4 minutes' worth of footage, you had to send the film off to a lab to be developed. We got it a lot better these days.

One of the oldest 8mm cameras in our collection. From our mini-museum in Huber Heights, Ohio.

"...labeling its products as Made in the USA was an important part of its appeal".

Keystone Model K-8 8mm Movie Camera
Vintage 8mm Movie Camera, Keystone Model K-8

Vintage Keystone 8mm Camera Ad.
Keystone 8mm Camera Ad. 1937


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