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Family & Reel-to-Reel

Back in the day, you could make videos of your family events on a silent 8mm camera, but you could not record the sound. That s where reel-to-reel decks came in. Load the reel, hit record, and let the kids go nuts. Today those kids are in their 60s, and hearing their small voices is simply amazing! Hearing mom and dad in their 20's or 30's! Again amazing! No one thought back then that in sixty years, these reel-to-reel tapes would be transferred into magic discs that played wonderful sounds. Reel-to-reel decks were like priceless time machines with all their buttons and switches and spinning reels. They were time machines that mom and dad didn't even know they owned. Only today do those spinning reels become tearful eyes and joyful amazement. That is, of course, after they've been transferred to CD.

Women and Car


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