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Videotapes, 8mm films, reel-to-reel tapes, cassettes, slides, photos, and more can be transferred to digital format, DVD, or CD

Your family's home movies and recordings are very special to you. It’s your family's heritage that you can actually see and hear. You know it’s important to convert them to a new digital & shareable format.

Put your trust in Curtis Media Transfer. We have been transferring people's films and tapes for almost two decades. Our goal is to make you happy so that we can remain successful. Don’t let flashy sales and glitzy marketing lead you down the wrong path. Think Outside the Box and you will not regret it.

Reasons to choose Curtis Media Transfer.

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July Sales

Video Tape Transfers $17.76

Cassette Tape Transfers $17.76

Sales end July 31st, 2022

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About Our Sales

Our sales are really sales. An opportunity for our customers to save money. We don't have higher prices with a sale to make it look like your saving money, they are really sales.

You do not need to "sign-up" or give us your email address to get the sales They are available to everyone. If you like you can join our mailing list to get one email on the first of every month listing that months sales. You do not have to be on the list to get the sales, and you will not get more than one email per month. (There is also an opt out link at the bottom of every email which automatically takes you off the list).

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Curtis Media Transfer Logo. Think Outside The Box

19 + years experience.

Outstanding customer support.

Pay after transfers are complete.

Your satisfaction is always guaranteed.

Quality work by experienced  and motivated people.

Quality transfers using the latest pro quality equipment.

Actual due dates you can depend on.

Most orders are completed in about 3-4 weeks.

Output option included in price.

Easy digital download.

Digital files can be delivered on flash drive or external hard drive.

Flash drive & external hard drives can be supplied by you.

CD & DVD outputs available.

Specialized printing of DVDs and CDs

Free samples of your audio tapes with no obligation to buy.

All media is carefully converted by hand.

All transfers are done here in the U.S.

Videotapes are charged by the tape not the runtime.

You receive all of your original media back unharmed.

Digital files can be download and shared on social  media.

Special deadlines are not a problem.

If your media needs repaired we will repair it at no extra cost.

8mm and 16mm films are transferred using the newest frame-by-frame technology.

8mm films & 16mm films are corrected for light, color and stabilization.

No charge for blank video tapes, audio tapes or films.

Walk in and mail in service available.

No minimum order.

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19 + years of digitizing experience.

Over 30,000 Served

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Safe Shipping Tips

After almost twenty years of mail order business we know a thing or two about shipping your families history safely.

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