Video Tape (VHS, 8mm, Video8, Hi8, VHS-C, Digital8, MiniDV) to USB Flash Drive, Download or DVD.

10% off until May 31st 2022

VHS - VHS-C – Video8 – Hi8 – Digital8 - MiniDV  to DVD 

Reg - $21.00

Sale Price $18.90 (Flat rate. All of tapes content).

VHS - VHS-C – Video8 – Hi8 – Digital8 - MiniDV  to digital download or flash drive (MPEG 2) Reg -$28.00
Sale Price $25.52 (Flat rate. All of tapes content).

Sale price good till May 31st, 2022

You can use the order form to calculate the cost (including discount) and see all  your options. Please don't submit until you are ready to order. (Order form will open in a new window).

Output Options

DVD is the current standard for watching video at home. DVDs can be played with DVD Players, Blu-Ray Players, PCs, gaming devices and laptops. Our DVDs are made using 100 year archival DVDs. They are guaranteed to keep working for  100 years. Duplicate DVDs for family & friends just $9.00

Transfer VHS Video Tape to DVD

Digital  files (MPEG2) are great for watching and editing on a PC or Mac. Digital files can be uploaded to a cloud service (OneDrive, Google Drive etc.) for storing and sharing with family and friends. We can deliver digital files on USB flash drive or you can download them directly to your PC, Mac or Phone.

VHS and Video Tapes Transferred to MP2 file


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VHS Video8 Digital8 VHS-C Hi8 MiniDV transferred to DVD or MP2

Why Choose Us?

  • Flat rate convenient one price for “everything on it” means you don’t need to know how long your video tapes are to determine how much the transfer will cost. Extra long video tapes will not cost more.

  • Digital output options for video tapes (MPEG2) also comes with an archival DVD. Video files can be delivered via USB flash drive, download or external hard drive

  • DVD included in price.

  • We do high quality video tape transfers using the latest pro quality equipment.

  • We use professional archival grade DVDs.

  • No copyright lock placed on disc. (Which means you can burn your own copies)

  • Copies, if we make them, are only $9 each.

  • No minimum order.

  • We have over 19 years experience.

  • Your satisfaction is always guaranteed.

  • Special deadlines are not a problem.

  • Always friendly and professional.

  • Bulk discounts available.

  • No charge for blank video tapes.

  • Text printing of your choosing printed directly to DVD.

  • If you so desire you can talk directly to the tech who works on your project. (1-800-617-8273).

  • Several ways to contact us. Either by phone (1-800-617-8273) by email ( or by using our contact form here. You can also come into our Huber Heights location and talk to us in person.

  • Outstanding customer service.