Safe Shipping Tips

After almost twenty years of mail order business we know a thing or two about shipping your families history safely.

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Do Not Use "Media Mail"

Out of over 30,000 mail order transactions only 1 has ever been lost in the mail. This list of safe shipping tips was on our site at the time and number 1 on the list was "do not use Media Mail" Unfortunately our customer used Media Mail anyway because it was cheaper. Your media qualify as "Media Mail" but DO NOT USE IT!


We Recommend USPS "Priority Mail"

Some or our customers do use UPS or FedEx but we have always felt safer with the USPS "Priority Mail" service. If you are shipping USPS Priority Mail they will supply you with a free box.  If you go to the USPS website you can order your box and pay for postage. The box comes with adhesive strips but we recommend using a little shipping tape also. You can also visit your local post office.


Put Your Contact Information In The Box.

Place your contact information in the box. If something was to happen to the outside of the box, the shipper can open the box and look for information on the inside. They then reseal the box and put a new label on the outside.

Using a small piece of paper and some tape attach your name and address to each of your tapes. This is in the event your tapes become separated from the box, the shipper will repackage and ship the tapes to the address they find on the tapes.


Stuff Your Box

Use bubble wrap or old newspapers, anything to keep your media from bouncing around in the box. You should be able to shake the box and not hear the tapes moving around.


Hand Delivered

All of our incoming and outgoing mail is hand delivered. Shipping agents come in our shop and hand us incoming packages, and we hand them outgoing packages. Nothing is ever left at the door step or in a mailbox. 


Track Your Order

However you choose to send you tapes you will receive a tracking number from the shipper. You can use that to track your package at the shippers website. You will receive a tracking number from us when we return your media.

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