Reel-to-Reel Transfer Process

  1. Technician reads order form for understanding of customers goals and expectations. Reviews customers special instructions, if any, on order form.

  2. Determines if special breathing or hand protection is necessary because of mold or dust. Technicians will clean tapes if mold or dust is present.

  3. Inspects the condition of all tapes making note of any special conditions that might stand out. Inspects for Sticky Shed, Dry Tape or Vinegar Syndrome. Experience will alert technician of any special problems a tape might have.

  4. Check for numbers on tapes provided by the customer. If the customer did not number tapes, the technician will do so at this point.

  5. Determine what reel-to-reel deck is appropriate for first tape.

  6. Technician will load tape onto the deck and prepare for play on the first side. Technicians will inspect tape to ensure tape is not twisted and the oxide side of  tape will pass over heads properly.

  7. A preliminary play will be started to adjust the computer input signal. V.U. meters will be used to determine the output signal to the computer is acceptable.

  8. Technicians will then prepare computer equipment for capture of sound.

  9. Technician will rewind back to the beginning and start tape again for the analog to digital transfer process.

  10. Technicians will observe tape during play and make sure tape does not twist or break during playback. Will also observe for tape shedding or playback sluggishness and inconsistencies. Technicians will also observe graphical waveforms created by computer for sudden changes in volume or other problems. Samples are taken 44,100 times per second, each with 16-bit sample depth.

  11. When side one is complete technician will prepare tape for side two playback.

  12. Side two playback will be started and steps 7-10 will be repeated.

  13. After completion, two playback technicians will save the computer file for review and editing.

  14. Editing decisions will be made based on the resulting graphical waveform. Corrections such as noise reduction, hiss hum reduction, volume enhancements and other issues will be performed digitally to waveform.

  15. Customers' order form will be reviewed a second time for desired content for Preview Samples if customers requested them. An experienced technician can tell by looking at the waveform what is silence, conversations, music etc.

  16. Technicians will create a final waveform that is the best possible quality using all modern digital techniques.

  17. Technicians will then track and burn the final CD or prepare an MP3 or WAV file for download or storage according to customers request on order form.

  18. Technician will then continue to the next tape and repeat steps 1-18.

8mm Movies, Tape Recordings, Photos, Slides and Video Tape to DVD, CD or Digital File.