Fan Mail
Fan Mail

I Just Listened  to the recording and what a trip down memory lane. I had just been assigned to Hawaii after a tour in Viet Nam. It was pay back from the admiral that I worked for. Nice to relive the memories of talking with my folks (one way) who are both gone and my younger brother who is going into an assisted living facility next month. Your efforts brought me  great joy and many things I had forgotten over the years. Too bad the rest of the reel to reel tapes are gone. I'd have them all done. Keeping your card for future reference and to pass to others. Thanks again for your persistence. Timothy. order form

Just wanted to let you know that my reel to reel tapes and CD's arrived today in good order. The CD's look wonderful and the sound quality is simply amazing. Recovering sound quality like that from what was cheap tape 40 years ago is quite a feat. Consider me a satisfied and very impressed customer.

Yours, Randy C.

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Just a note of thanks for your very quick turnaround of my reel to reel tape to CD transfer. I received the 3 copies today and everyone is perfect. How wonderful to hear this tape nearly 50 years later. I can't wait to send the 2 extra copies I had made to our 2 friends who are also on this tape. Thank you again...I enjoyed doing business with you.

Mary Ann Pflumm

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I cannot thank you enough for the care and amazing job you did in transferring very special reel-to-reels for me! Your communication was thoughtful and your product is fabulous! Thanks again!

Sincerely, Margot Dudewicz
Columbus, GA

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Thank You!!!!. We have just listened to our transferred reel to reel tapes and they brought back a lot of precious memories !!!!

The Shininger's

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Thank you very much, these are great. Hearing 65+ year old recordings of me and my siblings is a real treasure, rediscovered. Your system worked seamlessly.

Roberta MacMillan

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Just want to thank you for you superb service. The reel-to-reel tapes you copied for us last month on to CD are perfect. I am delighted with your service and with how well organized and simple the process was. Thank you very much. I recommend your company most highly.

Wayne Corbridge
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Thank You! We received the cd of our wedding which you made from 50 year old reel to reel tape. We were more than pleased with the results and the service was great. We now can celebrate our 50th anniversary this weekend and play the actual wedding service from 1960. We will be glad to recommend your service to anyone - it is far beyond what anyone could expect. Thank You,

David & Janelle DeVore
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Received the CD'. Sand my reel-to-reel tapes today. I listened to the cd and am so pleased how it turned out. Excellent job. Sounds so much better than the original tapes did. So glad our search on the Internet led us to your company. Thank you so much for making it possible to have our wedding ceremony preserved on current day technology and for the quick completion of the order.

Carol Butts
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 I just received my reel to reel tapes and CD and wanted to say thanks, it turned out better than I thought it could. The levels from track to track are perfect and considering some of the source material I provided I’m amazed at the results. Thanks so much!

Glenn Fields
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Just to let you know I have safely received my order today. Delighted with the results, thank you ! It is amazing to listen to recordings of dear family 50 years ago, now brought back to life.
Best regards,

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I just wanted to communicate how satisfied I was with both the final product and the service. It can be both intimidating and disappointing to deal with a service company such as yours over the Internet. But in the end I am a very happy customer whose timing was accommodated—the CDs of his family recordings under the Christmas tree were a high point of the holidays for my husband—and I was impressed that you took the time to verify the mailing address and make a phone call to be sure everything was accurate. So thanks for the quality job and happy new year to all!
Regards, Heidi Hellmich order form

My wife and I are delighted with the reel to reel to CD transfer. The reel stored precious memories. The CD's let us relive them. Thank you for your excellent service! 

Dave VonDielingen
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Just wanted to let you know that I received my CD's and reel to reel tapes yesterday. I can't tell you just how pleased I am with the CD's. They are absolutely terrific. The tapes you transferred from were over 50 years old and I had never heard most of them. My only regret is that I didn't send them to you sooner. My mother passed away in 2009 and would have been delighted to hear her recordings again after so many years. These are now one of my most treasured possessions!
Thank you again!
Vicki Bloxom order form

I just wanted to say thank you. I sent you a couple of reel to reel tapes a few weeks ago to transfer to CD. I was very nervous in sending them because they were about 35 years old and had some relatives voices on them that are no longer alive. I can't tell you how much it meant to get them back on CD (extremely quick I might add) and to hear those tapes which no one has heard in about 30 years. Everything was so professionally done and the recording quality was absolutely fabulous - no one would know that those tapes were that old. I can't thank you enough and I can't wait for my family to hear them at Christmas time when I give the copies as gifts. It will be the best gift ever! Michelle Parker

I received the CD's yesterday and I am very happy with them. The turn-around in getting them to you and back was excellent. I took the CD's to my Dad and he was enjoying them when I left. Thanks for all your help in answering my questions and making sure that I felt comfortable with putting the reel-to-reels in your hands. So glad I found you online.

Babbi B. Moore 
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Reel 2 Reel 2 CD,   I received my tapes CD's today Thank you so much. I'm having the best time at work listening to them. It's like a gift from heaven.

Michelle Utley
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Thank-you, I have finally found the time to thank you for the terrific job you did transferring my “ancient” reel to reel tapes to CD’s. When my daughter and I listened to them we both cried. The emotions while listening to my little boy, who died three years ago at the age of 39, was something impossible to describe. I listened to myself sing and play the guitar when I was a teenager ( I am now 65 ). I bet if I had had some training “I could have been contender” on American Idol, if it existed then!! I just thought it would be nice for you to know that I appreciate the job you did and the fact that I received the CD’s before Christmas. Nancy Agostini

Reel 2 Reel 2 CD, I had to write and let you know how delighted I am with the CD's you made for me from the many reel to reel tapes I sent in April of my late husband's music and voice. I have enjoyed hearing them and I plan to have my children listen to them while they are here over Memorial Day weekend. It will be a treat for them and also my grandchildren who do not remember this part of their grandfather's life. Thank you again for the great job you did for me and your prompt and courteous service. Sincerely, Eleanor T. Menzies
Warwick, Rhode Island order form

The extra CD's arrived today. Clearly, I was very smart to entrust my audio transfer to Reel2Reel2CD. I have been increasingly impressed with every contact. You provided clear information on your web page, were very helpful on the phone, returned emails promptly, produced excellent transfer CD's from my old tape, and anticipated my request for additional copies. I rate Reel2Reel2CD a 10 out of

Dave VonDielingen order form

I just wanted to thank You very much for being able to recover & keep the quality of that "Vietnam" tape. It means a lot to me. I realize you went "beyond" what you needed to do and I greatly appreciate that. I made that copy from a 33 1/3 record in Europe that a fellow soldier had. I didn't know that someone had made an album or I had got one. I was lucky to get that. It was my understanding that only 2 or 3 hundred copies were ever produced & our government banned the sale of them. It's also my understanding they were never sold in the U.S. My reel to reel died years ago that I bought when I got home. I only had the 4 tapes, so you completed my project. (continued --->)

Oh, by the way, The previous 2 tapes I sent that you Emailed me about that had some individuals on it that were drinking? Well, after listening to them, It turns out that my now 35 yr old daughter, 33 yr old son & 30 yr old son were having a great time with my scotch & Jim Beam. The year was 1986 & they were a little red-faced when I let them listen to the CDs you burned. I didn't know they knew how to use the recorder. Explains why it didn't work anymore. Again, Many Thanks. If I find any old buddies with stuff, I'll send them your way.Sincerely, Frank Seger

A couple of months back you all converted a 7 inch reel of tape to a CD for me. Being 45 years old it was fragile for sure, but I now have a fine CD thanks to you. The original recording of our wedding had a built in "power failure" in the original tape and you retained that in the CD as instructed. My wife and I can certainly remember that along with other voices and music of the day. Several of the participants are now deceased and this makes the CD even more precious. Many thanks for a good job and it made a wonderful anniversary present without leaving my chair.

R. O. Gilleland

Thank you
for the great job you did with the tape I recently sent to you. It was even older than I thought. The session I wanted to save was from about 1978, but at the end of it was a little bit of Richard Nixon taking the oath of office for his first term! That was something I recorded when I first received my Sears tape recorder in 1968, so the tape was already 10 years old when I made the recording of my father. My father has been gone for quite a few years and it made my mother cry to hear his voice
again. You made a treasured memory come alive. Please keep up the good work. Mark

Thank you very much, you guys are the best. Let me know if you ever need a good, highly satisfied recommendation from someone in New York City, land of the recording studios. I really appreciate your professionalism and timely turnaround with our precious, sentimental reel to reel tapes and cassette. The cassette is of a variety of folks, family and friends alike, some still here other have traveled on....but the reel to reel contains recordings of my older brother's band (he was the drummer) and also some practice sessions with him as well, his name is Robert (Bob) Powers and Bob was killed in a motorcycle accident 32 years ago. Don Miller

I wanted to thank all of you again for rushing the order I placed. My parents were SHOCKED to hear their wedding for the first time in 40 years. Someone had made the recording for them, but they never had the reel to reel player to listen to it. When it was finished my mom said to my dad, "That was a really nice ceremony; I hope you tipped them well!" I can't thank you enough for making this a very memorable moment for them. Please let everyone know how much we appreciate the work they did.


Just wanted you to know that we received the CD's in time for our family gathering and listened to a few of dad's letters from Vietnam. It was great to hear our dad's voice again (he passed away in 2004). We laughed at some of the mundane things he talked about (insurance and gardening) and cried when he mentioned letters he had gotten from us kids, and the plans he was making for my mom and him to meet in Hawaii during an R&R. Thank you so much for your work on this. We will probably be sending the rest of the tapes to you in the near future. Grace and Peace,
Kim Nofel

Let me take this opportunity to say you are easier to do business with than any other online experience I have had. Starting with your ordering protocol, then on the phone, and on thru the email exchanges, you are outstanding. I am 84, and my computer skills are minimal. I usually shrink from doing business online, but you guys have just about dragged me into the 21st century......

George Hartmann

Just received the discs back from the reel to reel recording of my grandmother! You folks did a fantastic job and please use me as a reference! We will certainly refer others to you as well!

Craig Johnson

I just wanted to advise you that my order for a transfer from reel to reel tape to CD has arrived at my home and all is in fine order. My original tape is undamaged (although I'm not sure what I'll do with it now, as it appears that almost all reel to reel machines have now been used to form an artificial reef somewhere near Bora Bora or some such). The CD came out just as I requested. The material consisted of the only recordings of a group of musicians, myself included, who formed a more or less popular folk group in Las Cruces, NM during what has come to be known as "The Great Folk Music Scare" of the 1960s. (cont..)

Although we didn't really sound nearly as good as we thought we did at the time, I've made copies and sent them to other members of the group so they can reminisce or use the CDs as Christmas tree ornaments. Congratulations to your company for providing an excellent product at a fair price, and for hiring folks who apparently take the time to read order forms and follow requests to the letter. It's a refreshing change of pace.

Scott McGuire, I am writing to thank you for doing such an excellent job with transferring my reel-to-reel tapes onto CD's. I was able to play one of the CD's for my parents, whose wedding on February 1, 1964 was captured on the tapes, on their 48th wedding anniversary. We all really enjoyed being able to listen to the tapes again.

Thanks again.
Lynda Davis

I just wanted to thank you for your professionalism. It was a pleasure to work with you in getting my reels transferred. You were extremely helpful, you kept me abreast of what was going on and the CD's are quality. You and yours are an awesome company, and I am a happy customer. Thanks again and have a bountiful holiday season.

Gloria Baum

 I received the tape and CD's today and I just have to let you know what a treasure this is to have.
You must hear a lot of stories and silly things on the tapes that you copy for people.... in our case, I believe I mentioned that we didn't know of this tape's existence until we were going through a dresser drawer filled with photos after our mother passed away in November. None of us had seen it before or knew what was on it.....until today!  I just can't ever thank you enough for what you've been able to give back to us! Thank you from the bottom of my heart, Sincerely, Julie Beacham

Reel-to-Reel:  Thank you so very much. Hopefully by now you have received my other check. I mailed it out on Monday. It has been a pleasure dealing with you. I'll remember to recommend you to anyone I come across who needs your type of service. You are top-notch, in all ways.

Most gratefully,

Thank you for the update and for being so easy to work with. It's great to see a company that puts an emphasis on quality service and a great customer experience. I called several local companies in Manhattan and none gave me the confidence nor the ease of working together that you all have.
Have a great weekend,