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Cassette Tape Transfer

Capture the sounds and songs trapped on your old cassette tapes. Curtis Media Transfer can convert them to CDs, thumb drives, or digital downloads. We take great care in what we do and have been doing it for the past twenty years. If your tape is broken, don't worry, we will repair it at no extra cost. Your memories are always safe with us.

Cassette Tape Transfer

  • Download: Each cassette tape will be an MP3 file. We will send you a link to your download page, and you can share the link with anyone you like—a great way to distribute your cassettes audio to other family members.


    Thumb Drive: Each cassette tape will be digitized and placed on a complimentary thumb drive. Each cassette will be one MP3 file. Thumb drives are a convenient way to store your home recordings and are handy for sharing on other devices.


    CD: Each cassette tape will be transferred to a CD or set of CDs if it is longer than 80 minutes. Longer cassette tapes do not change the price of the transfer. If the content is music, it will have a track marker for each song. A track marker will be placed every 120 seconds if the tape's content is not music. 

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