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Videotape Transfer

Videotape (VHS, VHS-C, Video8, Hii8, Digital8, 8MM, MiniDV) Transferred to Flash Drive (Included in price) or Digital Download (Included in price). $12.00 return shipping. 2-week turnaround.


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Contact 1-800-617-8273 if you have any questions.

Videotape Transfer

  • Download: Each videotape will be a file (MP4). When your transfers are complete, you will receive an email with a link to your download page. You can share the link with anyone you like. This is a great way to distribute your family's home movies to other family members. You can expect one file to be approximately 5GBs.


    Thumb Drive: Each videotape will be digitized and placed on a complimentary thumb drive. Each videotape will be one file. Thumb (Flash) drives are a convenient way to store your home movies and are handy for sharing on other devices.


    DVD: Each videotape is transferred to a DVD. Videotapes over 2 hours will be on multiple DVDs, and we do not charge extra for long tapes. If you want to order duplicate copies of your DVD, add it to your cart here.

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