Cassette tape transfer

Cassette Tape Transfer Pricing(Convert, Digitize).

Standard Cassette - $19.99
Micro Cassette - $19.99
Tascam 4 Track Cassette - $99.99 
(Everything on tape).
Cassette Tape Pricing
Calculate the cost of your cassette tape transfer

Calculate The Cost

Feel free to use the order form to calculate your cost including

discount and all of your options.​

Output Options included in price

  1. Download more info

  2. Flash Drive. You provide or we provide for $9.99

  3. External hard drive. You provide.

  4. DVD.

Free Samples

We offer free MP3 samples of up to 5 of your cassettes. No obligation. Tell us what your looking for on the order form and we well try to find that content for your samples.


Downloading  your tapes audio is just one of  your output options. Free 90 day online storage.

Noise Hiss Hum

Hiss, hum & noise reduction, equalization, volume enhancements and track separation are included in the price of the cassette transfer.

Output Options

1. Download

2. Flash Drive

3. External Hard Drive

4. CD

Flat Rate

We charge by the tape. Everything on the tape and all enhancements are included  in the price of the transfer. Return shipping is  just $11.00.


Your satisfaction is always guaranteed.

2 Weeks

We complete most cassette tape transfers in about two weeks. Large or complex order could take longer.

Easy Support

We are easy to get in touch with. Phone, email, chat, contact form.


19 + years of digitizing experience.

Over 30,000 Served

Common Questions

Common Questions.

What kind of cassette tapes do you transfer? Answer - We transfer all standard & micro cassettes.

Will I be charged  if my cassette tape is blank? Answer - No, we do not charge for blank cassette tapes.

I don't know what is on my tape. Can you help? Answer - Yes, choose Preview Samples on your order form.

How many cassettes fit onto one CD? Answer - A CD will hold 80 minutes. There is no extra cost it a tape requires 2 CDs.

Will my finished CD have track markers? Answer - Yes.

How long does it take? Answer - About 2 -4 weeks.

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