A Word On Ordering Copies.

Let’s talk about ordering copies for family and friends. This can be a little confusing. Lets start with a simple example:

John Smith sends one 3″ reel-to-reel to be transferred to CD. The reel contained 30 minutes of audio. A CD, by design, holds 80 minutes of audio. So John’s 3″ reel will fit onto one CD. No problem. John would like to also order one extra CD, a copy, to give to his brother. No problem, that is just $7 more. His copy will be just like the original, 100 year archival with the same printing. And because this is digital there is no difference in quality between the two.

Now, here is another example that illustrates the confusion we sometimes run into with copies.

Bob Jones sends us a 7″ reel-to-reel tape to be transferred to CD. Bob’s tape was recorded at a slow speed and is 230 minutes long. That requires 3 CD’s to contain all of it’s audio (because a CD, by design, will only hold 80 minutes.) Bob would also like to order a copy for his brother. But in this case it is not a copy of “a” CD but a copy of a “set” of CD’s. Each CD in the set is $7. 7×3=21. So the copy for his brother is going to $21.

There is no way to predict how much audio is on your tapes until we transfer them. (Unless of course you recorded them and remember) It is not normal for 3″ to 5″ reels to need more than one CD although it can happen. It is normal for 7″ reels to require at least 2 CD’s or more; but not always. 10.5″ reels are usually pro in nature and do not need extra CD’s; But sometimes they do. That is why your credit card will not be billed until after we finish transferring your tapes.

One more thing to keep in mind. Although it might be the practice of some transfer shops to copy-protect their work (so you have to order copies through them) we DO NOT do that. You are free to copy the CDs at home. Remember we do use archival grade CD-R’s and recommend you do the same. ¬†We also would discourage you from using “sticker” labels.