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Professional Tape and Film Transfer.

8mm & Super 8 Film to DVD, Flash drive or External Hard Drive

Frame by Frame process.
Films can be transferred to DVD or digital file.

3 inch reel  8mm  film  $10.50        Now $9.00
5 inch  reel of 8mm film $42.00    Now $36.00
6 inch. reel of 8mm film $60.00    Now $51.00
7 inch reel of 8mm  film $84.00     Now $71.00







Reel-to-Reel to CD  Price List

We are the only transfer shop that offers free samples of your reel-to-reel tapes, free tape baking of your reel-to-reel tapes and free specialized disc printing. Have special deadline? We can work with you and get it done on time!

3″ reel to reel to CD  $25.00    Now $21.25
4″ reel to reel to CD $30.00     Now $25.95
5″ reel to reel to CD $35.00     Now $29.75
7″ reel to reel to CD $40.00     Now $34.00
10″ reel to reel to CD $50.00  Now $37.50









VHS, HI-8, Video-8, Digital-8 & Mini-DV transferred to DVD or digital file.

VHS           $21.00       $18.00
HI-8           $21.00       $18.00
Video 8     $21.00      $18.00
Digital-8   $21.00      $18.00
Mini-DV   $21.00       $18.00


Standard Cassette, mini & micro to CD, MP-3 or WAV.

Hiss, hum, tracking and volume enhancements included.
Transferred to CD, flash drive or your external hard drive.
File types, MP-3 or WAV.

Price $21.00 each. $18.00 each







35mm Slides Scanning $.55 each.

35mm Slides

Records to Audio CD: This is a standard CD that you can play in any CD and most DVD and gaming systems. We use special CDs that are made to last 100 years

RECORDS, LP, 45 & 78 RPM $18.00