8mm, Super 8, 16mm Film & Video Tape Transferred to DVD, CD or Digital File.

Curtis Media Transfer in Huber Heights (near Dayton) Ohio.

Curtis Media Transfer
7089 Suit A, Taylorsville Rd
Huber Heights Ohio 45424


Same office complex, Grove Park, different building and suite number. We are now on the front corner of the complex, you can’t miss us.


Curtis Media Transfer
7089 Taylorsville Rd Ste A
Huber Heights, Ohio

8mm film transfer, video tape transfer, reel-to-reel tape transfer, cassettes, LP & 35mm slides transferred to DVD or data files. Questions about video & recordings call 1-800-617-8273.

Thank-you very much for visiting our site. We are Curtis Media Transfer, a family owned and operated film and tape transfer lab  located in Huber Heights, Ohio.
We have been doing this since 1999. During those 17 years we have become very good at what we do  and do it for less than the big box stores. We also can boast that all work is performed here by us.  We outsource nothing.  So we can take pride and responsibility in the work we perform.

Just a short list of people we have done transfers for…

  • The National Parks Service
  • Carnegie Hall
  • Parris Island Marine Base
  • John Hopkins University
  • Numerous colleges and universities
  • Most important is the thousands of individuals &  families who get to hear the youthful voice of a departed father,  or relive the joy of  Christmas day…1955.

We specialize in transferring:

  • 8mm movie film to DVD, Blu Ray  or data.
  • Super 8 movie film  to DVD, Blu Ray  or  data.
  • 16 mm movie film DVD, Blu Ray  or  data.
  • Magi-Cartridge to DVD, Blu Ray or data.
  • VHS to DVD
  • VHS-C to DVD
  • Video 8 (8mm) to DVD
  • Hi 8 (8mm) to DVD
  • Digital 8 to DVD
  • MiniDv to DVD
  • Reel-to-reel tape (audio) to CD, MP3 or WAV.
  • Cassette tape, including mini and micro  to CD, MP3 or WAV.
  • Records 78, 45, 33 1/3 RPM  to CD, MP3 or WAV.
  • Video tape repair
  • Cassette repair

We can transfer your media to…

  • Audio CD (reel-to-reel, cassette & records.)
  • Data CD (reel-to-reel, cassette & LP audio files. )
  • DVD (Video tape, 8mm films, Super 8, can also be used as data disc.)
  • Flash Drive (Audio files, 35mm slide files.)
  • External hard drive (All video,  all audio & slide files.)
  • Mp3 for download (Reel-to-reel. cassette & records.)

Please check-out our Services page for more information about your specific media type.

You can also count on our team of experienced technicians to provide you with professional & friendly service. Please take a moment to read some of our testimonials; you will read first hand that our quality and customer service are second to none.  Your satisfaction is always guaranteed and we strive to make certain every customer is a happy customer. If you would like to talk to someone just call 1-800-617-8273 anytime during our normal hours. We are always happy to help you out anyway we can.

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Reasons to choose Curtis Media Transfer:

  • Over 16 years experience
  • Easy to understand pricing
  • All of our work is 100% guaranteed
  • All of our work is performed by us on site
  • High quality transfers using pro quality equipment
  • Long lasting (100 years) Taiyo Yuden CD’s & DVDs
  • Bulk discounts available
  • Copies for friends and family just $7.95 each.
  • 30 day back-up for safety & re-orders of your films, cassettes, reel-to-reels & 8mm films
  • Data on flash drives available for audio transfers
  • There is no extra or hidden cost
  • No minimum order
  • Call us toll free at 1-800-617-8273
  • All U.S. Veterans & active get 15% off

Phone 1-800-617-8273
Local    (937) 938-5928
Email Info@curtismediatransfer.com